Ticket Fleet simplifies and redefines how you allocate fleet-related tasks and gain insights for growth. Our single web-based platform is exactly what you need to bring team collaboration into a higher level where things are completed faster and more accurately.

Accurate report generation

As all data are stored and analyzed in one common platform, you only need a few clicks to generate accurate reports, truly reflecting your fleet operation. These reports can also be exported at your convenience.

Clear reconciliation

Ticket Fleet helps you eliminate discrepancies with a consistent database and accurate data analysis. No matter the size of your fleet, reconciliation and calculation are never time-consuming and need to be stressful again.

Support for customization

You have unique business demand that our templates don’t seem sufficient? Don’t worry because customized reports can be requested to your Ticket Fleet representatives and our specialists will create reports to suit your specific need.

Different administration levels

You can assign different access rights in Ticket Fleet for your staff, whether they are onsite support teams, accountants or fleet managers. The users can then get access to corresponding data and relevant functions, creating a virtual but organized environment throughout the company.

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