Ticket Fleet greately reduces the manual paper invoices and reports, allowing you to focus on your business planning and strategy as we digitize all required information into one unique web-based platform. As a result, the fleet management will become efficient and organized.

One platform. Various features

Ticket Fleet equals efficiency because we provide one common, online platform for all fleet-related tasks. You get things done quicker, synchronize team collaboration at all levels and that’s how your fleet runs better with Ticket Fleet.

Digital process with real-time data

Ticket Fleet erases admin costs by minimizing paperwork and facilitating transaction approval. All your processes and information will be digitized and updated to help fleet managers review and approve transaction with ease. It’s not just faster, it’s better.

A single contact point

Ticket Fleet will contact gas stations and other third parties, saving you time and personnel for efficient fleet management. A single contact point also allows Ticket Fleet to respond quickly and easily to all fleet-related issues.

Simple invoicing

As you move away from paperwork, you also move away from collecting invoice for each transaction. With Ticket Fleet, you are a few clicks away from exporting e-invoices.

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